State of the art service

Thanks to cutting edge technology Empark provides a state of the art care of your fleet. Service deals with all types of trucks, personal cars, buses, recreational vehicles, vans. Every client receives a tailor-made care.

If interested in repairs we will calculate a tailored quotation for you on the spot.

We offer following services:

  • Diagnostic center for brake testing with roller brake tester MaHa ,  
  • Wabco diagnostic, Haldex, Knor , Texa, 
  •  brake disc resurfacing on a vehicle
  • Preparation of a vehicle for roadworthiness (MOT) with conducting this  special MOT test
  • Measuring and adjusting geometry with Truckcam
  • Professional fleet maintenance , oil change of brands Shell, Mol, Fuchs, filters and fluids, axle lubrication with high pressure gun
  • Measuring, adjusting and repairing of lamps with regloscope
  • Sale of branded and licensed spare parts.
  • Installation, repairing and testing of tachographs
  • Other repairs
  • Complete tire service, tire fleet management
  • Tire sale of all brands, repurchase of worn-out tires
  • Yearlong tire storage
  • A/C service
  • Independent heater service
  • Repairs and replacement of car glass
  • Repairs of recreational vehicles and caravans

Openning hours:

  • Monday – Friday       07:00 – 15:30
  • Saturday        CLOSED
  • Sunday           CLOSED

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