Fuel station

Empark is a modern fuel station with nine lines. You can refuel your vehicle without waiting and use our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our branded Efektiv fuels are the most efficient fuels improved with the most powerful Austrian additives in the entire volume. All lines are equipped with technology for trucks and cars. You can pay in the store or tankomat in cash, by card, on invoice or by AS24, DKV, UTA and E100 card.


Current prices


1,42 €


1,59 €


0,72 €


0,74 €


0,59 €

Our offer

In addition to high-quality fuel, we will provide you with a home environment. You can enjoy quality coffee, fresh orange juice, hot meals throughout the day, crispy home-baked baguettes, hotdogs, leberkäse. You can also buy a takeaway menu. Of course, there are free toilets and the possibility to buy a wide range of motoring and gift goods. In addition, various other benefits and rewards await you. For our fleet customers, we provide favorable discounts with our fleet card:

imports and exports of invoices
electronic invoicing and log book
camera records from refueling
no hidden fees
discounts on all diesel fuels, gasoline, AdBlue, LPG, washer fluid from the stand
free cards issue
The most efficient fuel in town
Refueling without waiting
Delicious homemade food
Free coffee for fueling over 300 l
Cash disbursement NON-STOP

Loyalty program

Empark rewards its loyal clients for a long time and regularly. For refueling, purchasing goods and using various services in Empark, you get stickers that you can exchange for interesting rewards!

How to get rewards

Fast food and restaurant
with homemade food

At the fuel station shop at the Empark entrance, we bake homemade baguettes for you non-stop, you can enjoy leberkäse, hot dog and desserts with coffee or fresh juice. We also offer a takeaway menu. It includes a main course and a soft drink. In addition to the takeaway menu, you can choose from a wide selection of fresh snacks.

In the fuel station restaurant in Empark, we prepare 4 types of daily menu from Monday to Friday - always freshly prepared homemade hot food from a traditional home kitchen. Experienced chefs cook from qualityand local ingredients. For breakfast we offer our special „Emparky“ sausages, an omelette and a cheese plate. For lunch, you can also choose from the permanent and seasonal daily menu which includes soup, main course and soft drink. Our pernament menu includes goulash soups and broth, schnitzel, fried cheese, spaghetti, risottos and salads. With the coffee, you can enjoy a homemade dessert. All this in the gas station rfestaurant in the premises of Empark.

Restaurant menu

Fleet card registration

Empark offers fleet card with a number of advantages to the fleet customers:

  • free cards issue
  • individual discounts on all diesel fuels, gasoline, AdBlue, LPG and also on washer fluid from the stand
  • camera records from refueling
  • electronic invoicing and log book
  • imports and exports of invoices
  • online browser of subscriptions
  • no hidden fees
  • loyalty system
To issue a fleet card, just fill in and send the online form and our sales representative will then contact you.


More information

Sign up and get benefits

What is the capital city of the Slovak Republic? (Bratislava)

Opening hours

Fuel station at the Empark entrance with 4 stands and 10 refueling pumps for cars and trucks:



Fuel station near car service with 14 stands and 38 refueling pumps for cars and trucks and offering hot meals:

Mon - Fri

6.30 a.m.-7 p.m.


7 a.m.- 1 p.m.



Empark's service offer

Security truck parking
Automatic and manual truck wash
Service for trucks and commercial vehicles and spare parts sale
Verification and calibration of tachographs
Restaurant with homemade food

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