Secure truck parking

Empark is the only parking lot in Slovakia with granted TAPA PSR 3 certificate. It provides a comfortable and safe parking space. It is fenced, illuminated, guarded and monitored by HD cameras nonstop.

Why park your truck at EMPARK?

You can be absolutely sure that your truck and loaded goods are safe at Empark parking. Each driver also gets different benefits for himself, from having a coffee and lunch for free (when parking for at least 24 hours), having a washing machine, dryer and bathroom with shower available to getting attractive rewards for refueling and using services at Empark. At Empark, you can refuel your vehicle with the most efficient fuel in the city, use the most modern car service, an automatic car wash for trucks or footbridge for removing ice from the trailer roof - the only one available in Slovakia.

In the Empark premises, you can buy a spare parts for trucks and buses in ADIP store; verify, install and service your tachograph and enjoy homemade food in our restaurant.

Parking for up to 150 trucks
Area guarded by the security 24/7
Up to 60 cameras with night vision
Area protected by a concrete fence
The only parking lot with granted TAPA certificate in Slovakia
Benefits and rewards for drivers

Driver's welfare and comfort

FREE toilet
FREE shower (when parking for more than 24 hours)
FREE lunch (when parking for more than 24 hours)
FREE parking up to 60 minutes
FREE storage room for your luggage

Loyalty program

Empark rewards its loyal clients for a long time and regularly. For refueling, purchasing goods and using various services in Empark, you get stickers that you can exchange for interesting rewards!

How to get rewards

Opening hours


Price list

Price for 24 hours of parking is 16,00€ including VAT.

The price includes a voucher with a value of €6 for the driver, which he can redeem either for:

  • the daily menu (soup and main hot meal) and a €1 shower token or
  • the discount when purchasing goods at the gas station store - the voucher is valid only until the midnight of the day on which the parking fee was paid

The price list is valid from 1.10.2023.

Reservation form

What is the capital city of the Slovak Republic? (Bratislava)

Empark's service offer

Fuel station
Automatic and manual truck wash
Service for trucks and commercial vehicles and spare parts sale
Verification and calibration of tachographs
Restaurant with homemade food

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